A little about this blog and me

Over the coming academic year, this blog will set out to be a personal description of what I believe to be “great design”. At this moment in time, I’m not entirely certain what form this will take. I hope to keep it varied, so as not to bore whoever might be reading it, and also unique – expressing my own insights into design as much as possible, rather than relying on the opinions of others.

This is my blog, so firstly, I thought it would benefit you to know a little about me.

I am a fourth year Product Design Engineering student studying at the University of Glasgow, and the Glasgow School of Art. Originally from Hereford, on the Welsh border, I found myself travelling 7 hours up the M6 to study in Glasgow due to this pretty unique course. I was drawn to PDE in particular due to the opportunities that it offers to be much more creative than other engineering degrees. Contrary to the number crunching involved with studying engineering, the course over the last few years has allowed me to design a number of things, including an automated robot to fight in an internal ‘robot wars’ competition, a conceptual ‘handheld ultrasonic food mixer’, a health card that (in my eyes) would revolutionise health services, and a wifi connection device for internet cafes, just to name a few. Due to this course I now find myself creating a blog on what I believe to be great design!

Outside of the course, I have a keen interest in sport, amongst other things. I currently play rugby for the university, and before the time commitments became too great, competed for the university ski team and was a member of the OTC (an army reserve unit for students).

I also love art. I studied art at A-level and have tried to keep it up as a hobby since then. I think that great design shouldn’t be limited to exclude artwork, as a great painting for example can be enjoyed in a very similar way to a great piece of practical design. There may be a blog post here and there about art to keep the feed varied.

Stay tuned for future posts. I hope you enjoy reading!

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